Website Services

Website Design - for new or existing sites

Overhaul, or update, your existing website or have one designed from scratch.
If your website has looked the same for a while, or if you're not completely happy with its functionality or design, why not get a quote for a new site?

Mobile Friendly Websites

Want to make your site look better on a mobile phone or tablet?
Older websites may no longer work very well on a portable device. But modern themes are what's called 'responsive' and are designed to make your site look good on any screen size.

Online Shops - e-commerce solutions for any size business

Want to sell your products online but don't know how to set up an internet shop? Get it sorted quickly with my help. Take online payments for orders, monitor stock levels and track your orders from start to finish.
I'll show you how to manage your shop in the future, or I can do it for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

There's no point in having a wonderful website if no one can find it. So I can help with getting your website high up in the search results on Google, Bing, etc. Doing all that is called search engine optimisation (or SEO). Depending on your budget, I can either advise you on this or I can get proactive and stuck in to help you out.

Social Media Integration

Love it or hate it, social media helps get you noticed nowadays so you'll probably need one of the following profiles to help boost traffic to your website - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. But remember that the point of using those 3rd party resources is to drive visitors to your site, not the other way around. So use it with care. If you haven't already got one of these, I can advise you on what you should prioritise. I can help manage that for you as well if you wish.

Ongoing Security Updates

There are lots of online threats to the functionality of websites on the internet. For instance, hackers trying to steal data or access bank accounts through loopholes in the setup of less secure sites. That's why I make sure that the websites I build are locked down as securely as possible, that any plugins installed on your site are kept up to date and traffic to your site behind the scenes is monitored for intruders.
Whilst nothing is 100% guaranteed, I take this side of things seriously as I realise its potentially devastating effects - particularly if you depend on your website for your livelihood.

Hosting Service

When you create a website, you will have to 'host' it on a server somewhere. A secure server is something I can offer as part of a package for you.