How much does a new website cost?

Website design costs.

If you start doing some research you’ll soon find that some larger agencies will charge you a fortune to set up even the most basic of pages. Website design costs in Cornwall are as variable as anywhere else.

I always charge what is fair, regardless of whether you are after a simple brochure-style online presence, or a full ‘bells and whistles’ eCommerce shop. I would need to get an idea of your individual requirements before giving you a quote. 

If you are clear at the outset on what you want your site to look like, and how you would like it to function, then I can give a fixed price. If you want to work with me on ideas over time, then an hourly rate will probably be the best way to go, with a ballpark figure discussed at an early stage.

Simple site, basic theme. Looks good on any device – desktop, mobile, tablet.£260
Site as above, with contact form, and a more advanced design theme. Other options such as newsletter signup page, events calendar, etc.£550
All the above plus online shop, payment processing, multiple pages, etc.£1500
Hosting£90 per year

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how much does a website cost